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Workout Revival: HIIT your legs

Workout Revival: HIIT your legs

“Hey, what muscle does that exercise work?”

“What’s the quickest way I can burn the most calories?”

Teddy Munz would constantly get bombarded with questions like those while working out.

After dishing out countless pieces of advice, the South Jersey personal trainer finally decided to get his AMFPT-CPT certification in 2008, and formed Keep It Simple Fitness Solutions.

“It’s always been more about a relationship than it is about actually sitting there writing up workouts for people. It’s helping carry them toward the goals they set for themselves. You coach them in all areas of wellness.” Teddy said about why he enjoys personal training.

As an English teacher at Timber Creek High School, Teddy also serves as the wellness coordinator for the Black Horse Pike Regional School District. He’s responsible for creating a culture of wellness for students. Utilizing his lengthy network, he connects people with similar interests to promote various ways of healthy living.

For training, he likes to keep things as simple as “I before E, except after C.”

“You read all this stuff online, you can find a million things that say do this, then you find a million that say do the opposite. The basic stuff is always the same. I believe in simplicity in my workouts,” he said.

For his own training, as well as his clients, Teddy chooses to stick to a high intensity approach. This helps him maximize time, burn the most calories and constantly keep his heart rate up throughout the duration of the workout. He credits this style of training for keeping his energy up throughout the day.

Unfortunately, training legs can often take a backseat as the more aesthetic pleasing muscle groups hold precedence in this day and age. Teddy doesn’t want to see that to continue.

“You use them every day. They’re the most functional muscle that you have, so to not give them the attention they deserve is just silly,” he said.

To combat the neglect he offered up a high intensity interval leg workout.

Without further ado, Teddy explains his HIIT leg workout:

HIIT warm-up: I like to take four exercises and do them consecutively for 30 seconds each, completing 4 rounds accounting for 8 total minutes:

  1. Run in place- 30 seconds
  2. Jump squats- 30 seconds
  3. Burpees- 30 seconds
  4. Jumping jacks- 30 seconds

To complete the rest of this workout you’ll need some form of weight. I’ll use my body weight plus a weighted 45-pound plate, but adjust according to your strength (you can also use a dumbbell or kettlebell if you’d like).

First Pairing: Kneeling step-ups and swings

1) Kneeling step-ups: 20 reps leading with right leg, then 20 reps leading with the left.

Take a mat and lay it on the floor.  Put your hands behind your head or up in the air (think “don’t shoot”).  Facing the mirror and remaining cognizant to keep your head facing forward (helps with form), bring your right knee down to the mat followed by your left.  Immediately take your right leg and use it to stand back up. Repeat that same process 20 times then lead with your left for another 20 reps. Immediately grab your weight and begin doing swings.

2) Swings: 15 reps

With your legs spread a little past shoulder width grab the plate and hold it between your legs. As you squat down, use the momentum to drop the plate through your legs and back behind your body using your hips, legs and core to pop back up to a standing position. Swing the plate up high and slightly past your head.
Take a break as necessary and repeat this pairing for 2-4 rounds depending on ability. The goal is to complete the workout without having to take any breaks.

Second Pairing: Overhead weight squats and walk-outs

1) Overhead squats: 12 reps

Grab the plate and hold it above your head. Keep your head up and back straight.  Extend all the way down into a full squat and then stand up tall, keeping the weight held in the same position.  You will feel this as much in your belly as you do in your legs. Jump right into the walk-outs.
2) Walk-outs: 10 reps

Stand up straight facing the mirror.  Bend down onto your right hand then reach forward with your left and continue “walking out” on your hands until you’re in the push up position parallel to the floor.  Then “walk back” and stand straight.  Do your best to keep your legs straight the whole time.

Take a break as necessary and repeat this pairing 3 times.



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