Friday, January 23, 2015

Functional Fitness Coaching

Functional Fitness Coaching

Functional Fitness Coaching and Events 

( was started in 2009 by Mark Livesey, himself an accomplished triathlete. From the beginning Mark was keen to offer a service focussed on the athlete, offering high quality in the areas where it matters most. Mark believes that these are; slick events which are both accurate and fast, coaching packages which are all inclusive and affordable, and single training days to fast track your progress.


Mark's coaching packages are all inclusive with no hidden costs – so they contain a lot of extras. Mark likes to coach only those athletes that he can regularly meet up with, he doesn't believe in coaching solely online. This means the programmes his athletes receive are tailored to them and are constantly tweaked in line with progress and developments. He will coach one-on-one sessions regularly, assessing progress and teaching new techniques. In this way he gets the most out of the athlete and ensures developments are quickly capitalised on. His programmes also include lactate and performance testing, and sports massage. These are things not many coaches offer, but they are truly essential in helping athletes to achieve their goals. That is not to say there is no hard work. Mark builds his athletes throughout the winter, focussing on strength and conditioning as well as the three main disciplines. Each athlete receives a log-in and password for Mark's members-only area on his website where he posts videos to keep them focussed and demonstrates exercises in case they should forget the details. All of this coupled with expert nutrition and training advice sees Functional Fitness athletes go from strength to strength. Marks 15+ years of experience in triathlon racing at the top level in all distances puts him in a position to understand exactly what the athlete needs, and the Yorkshire man in him means the prices are kept very reasonable!

Functional Fitness Coaching



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