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Barre Fusion FAQ's

Barre Fusion FAQ's

What is the barre workout?

The barre workout is a unique total-body workout set to motivating and upbeat music. Focused on precise movements to strengthen the muscle followed by orthopedic stretching to lean out the muscle...the results are remarkably impressive. The barre workout has evolved over the years from the Lotte Berk Method, Callanetics, Yoga and Pilates. Using fat-burning interval training principles, the results are a lean, toned, flexible, healthy body. At Studio Fusion we teach Barre Fusion and combo classes that include additional cardio or pilates techniques within the basic Barre Fusion class. Each class teaches the same principles but has hundreds of variations so no two classes should ever be the same. There is no choreography to the barre classes and flexibility is not required to enjoy the class.

What do you do in a barre class?

Classes begin with a basic warm up then focus on building up strength using various movements and light weights. Throughout the class, muscles are pushed to exhaustion then followed by a series of stretches to lengthen and stretch out the worked muscles, thus creating a longer, leaner body. You might also find push-ups and planks intermittently throughout the class. The ballet bar is used for support and stability while balls, rings and weights are used for variations and extra challenges.

How effective is is and how long does it take to see results?

This workout is extremely effective in that it is a comprehensive workout of barre, pilates, core, weights and cardio. When done consistently many students see visible results just after 10 workouts. Many students do lose weight but others find that more than weight loss they lose inches. For example, when taking the class on average of 3-5 times per week over a month period, the average client will lose up to 10 inches. As you build muscles and burn fat from taking the class you will see that your butt lifted, toned arms, flat abs, thinner thighs and a longer leaner body.
To see noticeable changes in your body we recommend that you take the class 3 times a week.
Some new clients notice a "lift" in their seats or fullness in their thighs and think they are getting bigger. However, don't get discouraged as your body is changing underneath. As you continue taking classes your muscles will burn away the inter-muscular fat and leave you with long, lean muscles ands a slimmer appearance. For this reason it can take up to six months to see the most remarkable results that this workout can accomplish. Once you've achieved your desired physique it is good to maintain your shape by attending class 2-3 times a week. Although the barre workout is a comprehensive total body workout, it is a great compliment to any other fitness regime.

Why has it become so popular and do you see this trend taking off in Huntington Beach and why?

The barre workout has become popular because of the comprehensive total body workout within the technique and the incredible results seen in short periods of time. A lean, strong and toned body is one many people strive for and with this technique not only will you see and feel results. Because of the non impact nature of the class it is good for all ages and abilities. Additonally, with the number of different exercise within the technique you will never take the same barre twice preventing you from become bored from the same routine.

Can anyone do the barre workout?

Yes, the barre workout is a safe and effective workout. Dance experience, grace and flexibility is not necessary or required though many of the movements are ballet-inspired. The limited class size provides a comfortable environment where students are encouraged to go at their own pace or be challenged to advance. Modifications will be given as needed. Pregnant, post-natal or at risk clients mush have written approval from their doctor to attend class. We ask that pregnant women who have not taken a barre class wait until the after their birth to start taking classes. The barre workout however is excellent for post-natal shaping up.

Can you modify exercise for people with previous injuries?

Yes, and many chiropractors recommend the barre workout since it is low impact and not stressful on the joints and incorporates therapeutic stretching. Since the call is non-impact you won't find the typical elements of a jumping or bouncing cardio class that can sometimes be to stressful to the body.

Are all classes the same or will they be different each time you go?

The barre concepts and techniques are the same however we understand that in order to keep any exercise interesting the routine needs to be mixed up so each classes should always be a little different to keep the barre workout fresh!

What do I need to wear to class?

Be sure to wear comfortable yet form-fitting close so you (and the instructor) can ensure alignment and from are correct for optimal results. Long pants or pants that cover your thighs are suggested to keep the muscles warm during exercises. No shoes are worn however socks are suggested to assist in keep the body and muscles warm.
Will I bulk up doing this workout program?
The barre workout uses use light weights and multiple repetitions to build long lean muscles and then the muscles worked are stretched preventing them from bulking up.



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